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CSBA’s Nominating Committee met on September 18, 2021, via Zoom virtual meeting to interview the candidate for President-elect, Susan Markarian, Pacific Union ESD. 

Following the candidate interview and the Committee’s deliberation, the Committee nominated Susan Markarian as candidate for President-elect. 

Qualified individuals interested in being nominated from the floor of the Delegate Assembly for either President-elect or Vice President, must submit a complete Declaration of Candidacy packet along with their written intention to run, on or before Monday, November 1, 2021. Intentions to run from the floor and the packet must be submitted to the President, Susan Heredia by email here and to the Nominating Committee Chair, Daniel Babshoff  by email here



Susan Markarian, Pacific Union USD

For President-Elect

It's has been an honor and privilege to serve as your Vice-President this year and I will be forever grateful for the knowledge imparted to me by Suzanne Kitchens mentorship. There has been much to learn, and I feel confident I'm the highly qualified candidate that is needed during these demanding times, having served 36 years on my local board, 12 years as a Delegate and 18 years as Regional Director. Public education has had its challenges in the past, but this pandemic has altered everything we do and forced us to reinvent how we educate students and support our families and communities. 

As districts grapple with learning loss and the social-emotional issues that students are struggling, will we revert to the familiar systems we've known, or will we transform education in ways that will improve outcomes for all students? CSBA has never been more relevant in its support for districts, as we move forward during these critical times, we need to continue our increased advocacy efforts to help advance the important work of board members. Provide relevant easy to access professional development, work to strengthen local control plus secure fair and equitable funding for all. As locally elected trustees faced with excessive regulation and lack of resources, we need to become better collaborators speaking with one united voice and it needs to be one very loud voice.

I respectfully ask for your vote for President-Elect.

Running from the Floor

The deadline to submit intentions to run from the floor was Friday, November 1, 2021. The following individual is eligible to run from the floor of the Delegate Assembly for the office of Vice President:



Albert Gonzalez, Santa Clara USD

For Vice President

Albert Gonzalez is a product of California's public schools and feels a commitment to serve and give back so that all students in California s public schools can achieve their full potential. This requires that we better resource school board members, both with the training they need to become better governance team members, but also by advocating for Full and Fair Funding.

He believes that he can help by utilizing the skills that he has to collaborate and really listen to the school board members throughout the state. This includes finding ways to better engage Delegate Assembly members so that we can utilize the vast skills they bring to CSBA. A more engaged membership will be more inspired and motivated to help advocate to find solutions to the challenges that school board members face in trying to provide the best educational outcomes for the students in their district.

The work that school board members accomplish for the students in their districts is vital not only for each and every individual student, but for the communities where they live and for California as a whole. We need to work to eliminate the opportunity gaps that exist, which will help to eliminate the achievement gap that we have had for far too long in California

Like most people, he would like to help make our world a better place and being able to serve as CSBA Vice President will help him be a better advocate for the students in California.

Click here for more information on the candidate criteria adopted.