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AboutLeadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates

Roles and responsibilities

The Board of Directors sets the direction for the association by establishing the vision, mission and strategic directions and ensuring that the association’s activities remain focused on those goals and the issues identified in the Policy Platform.


The Board of Directors consists of:

  • Four officers
  • 21 regional directors
  • Four ethnic directors-at-large
  • One county director-at-large
  • The California County Boards of Education president
  • Any California board member serving on the National School Boards Association Board of Directors

CSBA’s Board of Directors is called upon to provide:

Oversight: The Board of Directors is responsible for oversight of CSBA’s corporate functions, including programs, products, budget, and executive personnel matters

Insight: The Board of Directors often functions as a focus group of representatives to provide insight into the impacts of association activities and state policy on local boards and communities

Foresight: The Board of Directors provides strategic foresight by examining the trends in public education and making decisions that will position CSBA and its members for the future

Directors exercise the following skills and competencies
Derived from the board’s Guiding Principles of Effective Governance:

  • Think and act strategically
  • Maintain focus on results towards the vision, mission and strategic directions
  • Link budget decisions to the vision, mission, and strategic directions
  • Act with transparency and integrity
  • Be comfortable respectfully challenging colleagues’ assumptions
  • Make decisions based on a personal examination of the facts
  • Maintain a constructive partnership with the executive director
  • Continually seek opportunities to learn and grow

 Frank Magarino

Frank Magarino
Director, Region 1
Del Norte County USD



Sherry Crawford
Director, Region 2
Siskiyou COE


Tony Ubalde
Director, Region 3
Vallejo City USD



Paige Stauss
Director, Region 4
Roseville Joint Union HSD



Alisa MacAvoy
Director, Region 5
Redwood City ESD



Darrel Woo
Director, Region 6
Sacramento City USD



Yolanda Peña Mendrek
Director, Region 7
Liberty Union HSD



Matthew Balzarini
Director, Region 8
Lammersville Joint USD



Tami Gunther
Director, Region 9
Atascadero USD



Susan Markarian
Director, Region 10
Pacific Union ESD



Suzanne Kitchens
Director, Region 11
Pleasant Valley SD



William Farris
Director, Region 12
Sierra Sands USD



Meg Cutuli
Director, Region 15
Los Alamitos USD



Karen Gray
Director, Region 16
Silver Valley USD



Katie Dexter
Director, Region 17
Lemon Grove SD



Wendy Jonathan
Director, Region 18
Desert Sands USD



Albert Gonzalez
Director, Region 20
Santa Clara USD



Kelly Gonez
Director, Region 21
Los Angeles USD


 Image Placeholder

Nancy Smith
Director, Region 22
Palmdale SD



Helen Hall
Director, Region 23
Walnut Valley USD



Donald LaPlante
Director, Region 24
Downey USD



Bettye Lusk
African American
Monterey Peninsula USD


 Crystal MartinezAlire

Crystal Martinez-Alire
American Indian

Elk Grove USD


 Image Placeholder

Gino Kwok
Director-at-Large, API
Hacienda La Puente USD



Heidi Weiland
Director-at-Large, County
El Dorado COE



Joaquin Rivera
Director-at-Large, Hispanic
Alameda COE



Chris Ungar 
NSBA Director 
San Luis Coastal USD



Dana Dean
CCBE President
Solano COE