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Maximize your budget, lower administrative costs and streamline the procurement process with BuyBoard!

Since 1998, BuyBoard has been providing local educational agencies with increased purchasing power, lower administrative costs and compliance with legal requirements. BuyBoard vendors have been awarded contracts for products and services through a competitive procurement process, thereby giving members the opportunity for bulk discounts, combined with the ease of online shopping. CSBA is the exclusive provider of BuyBoard in California.

Some products available through BuyBoard include:

  • Classroom teaching aid supplies and equipment
  • Floor covering and sports surfaces
  • Custodial supplies and equipment
  • Parks and recreation supplies and equipment, field lighting products
  • Computers, software, and technology supplies and equipment
  • Furniture
  • Athletic supplies and equipment
  • Library books, supplies and equipment

Meet your procurement goals, save money through discounts secured by collective purchasing power and save time by eliminating the formal Request for Proposals process.

Join thousands of members and start saving now at

Have questions? Read the BuyBoard FAQs or browse California BuyBoard vendors.

For a full FAQ list, click here. To review a one-page flyer, click here.