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This innovative two-day seminar is one of the best opportunities for newly elected and first-term trustees to learn about their unique role and responsibilities. Board members can sharpen their skills on effective governance, finance, human resources and student learning. Participants explore the board's role in each area and will be able to apply these processes on their board.

The Program

As a member of the governance team, your leadership is crucial. CSBA’s highly regarded Institute for New and First-Term Board Members will help you attain a high level of competency and understanding of the governance role. We encourage superintendents to attend the Institute, and if you attend with your new board member(s), your registration is complimentary.

The Institute provides training in four major areas of board responsibility and authority: effective governance, finance, student learning, and human resources. Throughout the training program, you’ll learn about tools you can use to become a more effective member of your governance team.

Effective Governance
The role and critical aspects of school board governance
The attributes of a highly effective governance team
What every new board member needs to know about the district

Methods for setting budget priorities that reflect the goals of the district
Tools for adopting and monitoring the district budget
The effect of collective bargaining contract decisions on the district budget

Student Learning
The relationship among district goals, budget, personnel policies, curriculum, standards, assessment and student performance
What the board can do to ensure appropriate processes for curriculum development review and adoption

Human Resources
How, when and where the board can impact personnel decisions
Ways to create and maintain a positive, supportive personnel climate
How to establish prudent guidelines and policies for contract negotiations


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Registration Fee:

$375 (Late registrations $400; see each individual event for cut off dates)
Fee includes materials


District questionnaire: What every new board member needs to know

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Tue Jan 30, 2024 09:00 AM To Wed Jan 31, 2024 04:00 PM

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