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Lake County News: State legislative committee OKs school district fiscal health bill (4/19)


USA Today: One school district stopped suspending kids for minor misbehavior. Here’s what happened (4/4)


Mountain News: Rim school board meeting addresses challenges and good news (3/20)


ABC San Diego: Staff cuts at local school districts (3/15)


Santa Barbara Independent: Lompoc Unified School District pursuing workforce housing (5/17)


CalMatters, commentary: California’s budget deficit revives state’s everlasting battle over school funding (5/21)

EdSource: Teachers, school boards threaten to sure over Gov. Newsom’s fix to revenue shortfall (5/18)

The Mercury News: Educators call Gov. Gavin Newsom’s slash to school funding ‘unconstitutional’ (5/18)

Fox 40 Sacramento: Concerns over proposed state education cuts (5/16)

KPBS San Diego: Interview with CSBA PIO Troy Flint (5/16)

KPBS TV: Education budget cuts (5/16)

KMET LA/Soulivity: Preserve Prop 98 effort with CSBA’s Troy Flint (5/16)

Spectrum News: California’s budget impact on schools (5/14)

CBS Los Angeles: Interview with CSBA PIO Troy Flint (5/14)

KPAY Chico: Interview with CSBA PIO Troy Flint (5/14)

Santa Barbara News-Press Radio: Interview with CSBA PIO Troy Flint (5/13)

KUHL Ventura - Santa Maria: Interview with CSBA PIO Troy Flint (5/13)

KNBC LA: Interview with CSBA PIO Troy Flint(5/10)

The Mercury News: Newsom says state has $27 billion budget shortfall, but it can be balanced without raising taxes (5/10)

EdSource: Newsom again pledges to spare cuts for TK-12 and community colleges, but not for CSU and UC (5/10)

XEWT-TV San Diego Tijuana: Interview with CSBA President Albert Gonzalez (1/16)

EdSource: Advocates, education leaders speak out on Newsom’s initial plan for state budget (1/12)

Radio Bilingüe Fresno: Interview with CSBA President Albert Gonzalez (1/11)

NBC Bay Area: Governor Newsom unveils new budget (1/10)

CBS Los Angeles: CA budget: How will it affect schools? (1/9)

KNX Los Angeles: Interview with CSBA’s Troy Flint (1/9)

KCBS Radio: Interview with CSBA’s Troy Flint (1/8)

KVCR Los Angeles (1/8)

KNWZ Palm Springs (1/8)

KNCO Sacramento (1/8)

KSRO Sonoma County (1/8)

KFBK Sacramento (1/8)

KCRA 3 Sacramento: California Gov. Newsom expected to announce proposed budget this week amid $68 billion deficit (1/7)

NBC Bay Area: Education leaders urge full funding in budget (1/7)

KTVU Fox San Francisco: New California budget proposal (1/7)

World Nation News: Newsom is expected to announce California’s proposed budget this week (1/7)


The Press Enterprise: Inland Empire schools win awards for innovative programs (1/2)




Audacy: California School Boards Association hosts annual educational conference and trade show (12/4)

Fox 40: Helping students with trauma (12/4)

Spectrum News 1: Interview with CSBA Communications Chief Troy Flint (12/4)

Fox 40: Finding ways to increase student and educator success in the classroom (12/4)

KPBS: Students join statewide education leadership conference looking for school solutions (12/1)

EdSource: Students will participate in California School Boards Association conference, seeking solutions (12/1)

NBC Los Angeles: Still feeling the impact of COVID on schools (12/1)

Del Mar Times: Solana Beach schools trustee named Vice President of state association (12/1)

Fox40: California School Boards Association's member discusses the ever-adapting landscape of education in California (11/30)

NBC Bay Area: Education conference comes to San Francisco (11/30)

KCBS San Francisco: Interview with CSBA Communications Chief Troy Flint (11/28)

Santa Barbara News-Press Radio: Interview with CSBA Communications Chief Troy Flint (11/27)


The Downey Patriot: Downey Unified earns Golden Bell Award for excellence in education (12/21)

Visalia Times Delta: Visalia Unified School District battles back after years of infighting (12/6)

Fox Fresno: Visalia Unified board receives Golden Gavel (12/5)

Culver City Crossroads: CCUSD’s ethnic studies program recognized at California School Boards Association event (12/4)

KSBW8: Salinas-based program aimed at helping teens honored by state (12/4)

NBC Yuma/NBC Palm Springs: The Academies of Coachella Valley High School wins Golden Bell Award for CTE (12/4)

MNT San Francisco: San Mateo COE wins Golden Bell Award for environmental literacy (12/3)

ABC Monterey: Bob Hoover Academy receives Golden Bell Award (12/2)


EdSource: Newsom’s big bet on fixing California's poorest schools and narrowing achievement gaps (2/16)    

EdSource: Will arts education cuts in proposed California budget have a big impact? (1/31)

Los Angeles Times: Newsom budget includes naloxone for middle and high schools while largely avoiding cuts (1/11)

EdSource: California schools, community colleges to face slight drop in funding, first in a decade (1/10)

Politico Pro: Why California schools aren’t sweating deficit projections (1/9)


KFROG 95.1: Assembly Bill 1023 will enhance cybersecurity for TK-12 schools (7/11)

KCRA 3: Assemblymember promotes bill to strengthen schools’ cybersecurity after Elk Grove Unified breach (6/26)

CBS Sacramento: California bill aims to expand cybersecurity protections to schools (6/26)

KCRA 3: School cybersecurity bill press conference preview (6/26)

KMIR-TV (Palm Springs): As cyber attacks continue to increase worldwide, California education officials met earlier today to discuss an upcoming cybersecurity bill (6/23)

KQCA-TV: Cybersecurity in schools (6/23)

KTXL: Improving Cybersecurity in California Schools (6/23)

KTVU-TV: Pushing to improve Cybersecurity in California School (6/23)

KTTV--TV (Los Angeles): CA bill aims to expand cybersecurity in school (6/23)


Spectrum 1 News: Strengthening cybersecurity in schools (8/9)

Sunny 98.1: Assembly Bill 1023 will enhance cybersecurity for TK-12 schools (7/11)

KOGO-AM (AUDIO): Cybersecurity bill aims to protect schools across California — interview with CSBA’s Troy Flint (6/26)

Fox 40: Cybersecurity bill aims to protect schools across California — interview with CSBA’s Troy Flint (6/23)

KPBS-FM (AUDIO): State leaders holding a press conference to push a pending law to increase cybersecurity in K-12 education  (6/23)

KPBS-TV (San Diego): Cybersecurity bill aims to protect schools across California — interview with CSBA’s Troy Flint (6/23)

KGTV-TV (San Diego): State bill protects school districts from cybersecurity threats — interview with CSBA’s Troy Flint (6/23)


San Francisco Chronicle: OUSD strike: Close on pay, but far apart on these other issues (5/5)

Associated Press: Los Angeles school strike ends, but no deal announced (3/23)


The Daily Journal: Redwood City School District studies teacher housing (12/28)

Education Week: More districts are building housing for teachers. Here’s what to know (11/22)


ABC 10: California is seeing a decline in student enrollment. Here are the most affected districts in the Sacramento region (6/14)


EdSource: Many California districts yet to spend federal COVID relief despite deep, widespread learning loss (6/14)

EdSource: Two dozen views on LCFF: Is California's funding law working and what could improve it? (5/9)


EdSource: Threats, stress and politics pushing school superintendents out the door (12/4)

Capitol Weekly: Education policy — the role of school boards (11/14)

ABC 10: School boards and politics (8/28)

CapRadio: Do Sacramento County school boards reflect student diversity? Here’s the breakdown. (3/2)

Ramona Sentinel: Ramona school board representative speaks up for her classmates (2/7)


Medill on The Hill: Supreme Court weighs whether government officials are censoring the public in violation of the First Amendment on social media accounts (10/31)

The 74: Tweeting or governing? Supreme Court tries to draw lines in school board case (10/31)

The San Diego Union-Tribune: A Scripps Ranch church hosted a controversial LGBTQ talk at a pulic school. Could the school say no? (2/27)

Napa Valley Register: California State Board of Education sued by school boards association for Mayacamas charter school decision (1/13)


Politico: Newsom to fine schools that ban books over race, sexual orientation (9/25)

Los Angeles Times: LGBTQ textbook bill signed into law amid growing culture wars (9/25)

ABC 10: California's new law barring book bans, explained (9/26)

Marin Independent Journal: State bill could ease Marin teacher shortages (9/15)

CalMatters: Which bills will Gavin Newsom sign into new California laws? (9/11)

EdSource: Gov. Newsom poised to sign legislation to counter book bans and school boards’ censorship (9/8)

Politico: California Legislature sends Newsom his ‘anti-book ban’ bill (9/7)

Fox 40: CSBA’s "Gold Star" plan (8/30)

KCRA 3: Pushing for "Gold Star" bills (8/29)

EdSource: School boards association lists its priority bills for passage in coming weeks (8/25)

Politico Pro: The California School Boards Association's late-game wishlist (8/24)

EdSource: Newsom vows again to send social studies textbooks to Temecula Valley Unified with hefty fine (7/19)

Los Angeles Times: Temecula school board outrage over LGBTQ+ lessons motivates Newsom to rush new textbook law (7/19)

The Mercury News: This bill will make it harder for California school boards to ban books — and it’s picking up steam among lawmakers (7/11)


EdSource: A sample of public comments on math framework (7/10)


EdSource, commentary: Two bills would sharpen and streamline California's school-based mental health efforts (6/14)


Politico: California replaces textbooks canceled by far-right board (7/13)


Fox 40: Thurmond's coalition to address California teacher shortage (8/15)

EdSource: Teachers unions demand housing, transportation and other student supports during negotiations (5/26)

EdSource, commentary: California has heavily invested in recruiting high-quality teachers; it can't stop now (3/21)



KPBS-TV: (San Diego #26) - Coverage of Press Conference (12/1)

KPBS-FM: (San Diego #26) - Coverage of Press Conference (12/1)





The Sacramento Bee, commentary: COVID wreaked havoc on California schools and students. Here’s how they can recover (12/23)

NBC Bay Area: Math, reading scores fell sharply during COVID-19 pandemic: Report (9/1)

Government Technology: California schools mostly on track with COVID relief spending (7/25)

EdSource: Analysis of COVID funding reveals California districts have spent little so far to address learning loss (7/15)

EdSource: Severe driver shortage leaves some California kids waiting at the school bus stop (3/4)

Politico: California official: Schools can return to remote learning due to staff shortages (1/13) 


Los Angeles Times: California kindergarten saw big enrollment drop during pandemic. What’s happening now? (9/27)

NBC 7 San Diego: San Diego Unified enrollment down from last year, state down for fifth year (1/12)


EdSource: California school organizations urge veto of latest bill to remove lead in school water (9/15)


CalMatters: Problems plague California school district data system, putting funding at risk (9/13)

The Mercury News: California public schools receive record funding under state budget (7/2)

EdSource: Billions more for California schools, colleges under Newsom's revised budget (5/13)

San Francisco Chronicle: California schools to receive $635 million in grants to provide needy students with ‘wraparound’ support services (5/13)

San Francisco Chronicle: Schools ‘nearing their breaking point’ as Bay Area districts grapple with staffing, testing and masking challenges (1/11)

A Virtual Q&A - PTAs And School Booster Club Spending (1/26)


School Transportation News: California budget provides ‘historic’ funding to school transportation, questions remain (8/5)

Los Angeles Times: California is richer than ever. Why is it last in the nation for school bus access? (6/22)

Market Watch: School districts and hospitals are wading into the housing business and even becoming landlords to attract workers (6/21)

School Transportation News: Efforts to fully fund California student transportation advance (4/28)


ABC10: How California's teacher shortage is impacting special education (10/6)

ABC10: A look at diversity in the classroom and the lack of teachers in very specific areas (9/16)

ABC10: ‘We feel steamrolled’ | Parents, teachers of Elk Grove Unified special education students concerned about staffing change (9/6)

ABC10: How the landscape of teaching has changed | To The Point (9/5)

San Diego Union-Tribune: Angela Brandt wins Golden Quill Award for education reporting (8/10)


Voice of San Diego: San Diego Unified wants to build affordable employee housing with latest bond (10/26)

EdSource: California removes hurdles to building teacher housing (10/4)

CBS13: California exploring plans to provide affordable housing for teachers (9/27)

CBS8: San Diego Unified looks to offer affordable housing for educators (9/26)

FOX2: California bill would allow school districts to convert unused property to housing for teachers (9/26)


KQED: Oakland parents want a seat at the table in OUSD negotiations with teachers' union (10/6)


The 74: California implements later school start time, other states considering (9/11)

CalMatters: Back to school: California Republicans bet big on local board races (8/17)

The Christian Science Monitor: New California law: Let teens sleep in on school days (8/17)


Spectrum News 1: Parenting to Politics: California parents campaign for school board (11/2)

The Sacramento Bee: These Sacramento-area parents were fed up with COVID closures. Now they’re running for office (9/28)

Antelope Valley Press: Bill package would reform special elections (8/29)

Courthouse News Services: California lawmakers set to tighten recall election rules (8/25)

CalMatters: Frustration spurs California parents to run for school boards (8/18)


San Francisco Chronicle: From critical race theory bans to anti-LGBTQ rules: Will conservatives transform California schools (8/22)


EdSource: Governor vetoes full-day and mandatory kindergarten bills (9/26)   


EdSource: LAUSD, CSBA and others call on Newsom to veto bill requiring schools to buy mostly US-grown food (8/31)


December 1: Spectrum News 1 (Los Angeles)

September 21: The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento) 

September 13: THE FAN 97.9 (San Diego) 

September 13: ALT 94.9 (San Diego) 

September 13: 98.1 SUNNY (San Diego) 

September 13: 96.5 KYXY (San Diego) 

September 13: 103.7 KSON (San Diego) 

September 13: KFRG (Los Angeles) 

September 5: ABC 10 (Sacramento) 

September 1: CBS Evening News (Nationwide)

August 31: CBS (San Diego)

August 24: SPECTRUM 1 NEWS (Los Angeles)

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August 16: KSMA-AM (Los Angeles)

August 15: KPBS-FM (San Diego)

August 15: KPBS-FM (San Diego)

May 18: KCRA (Sacramento)

May 18: FOX40 (Sacramento) 

May 18: KCRA (Sacramento) 

February 26: KSON (San Diego)

February 24: KCBS-TV (Los Angeles)

February 23, 2022: EdSource

February 16, 2022: The Daily Californian

February 15, 2022: The Mercury News

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January 18, 2022: KZST (Sonoma County)

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January 11, 2022: KGO 810 (San Francisco) 

January 11, 2022: KGO TV (San Francisco #6)

January 11, 2022: KSMA-AM (Ventura - Santa Monica)



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The Sacramento Bee: California’s education challenge: Preparing students for jobs in a rapidly-changing world (4/21/19)


EdSource: California's charter schools face uncertain future under new state law (9/10/19)

EdSource: Gov. Newsom proposes tighter rules on charter school enrollment (5/16/19)

CALmatters : Guest commentary: California must reform charter schools. Here’s how (5/6/19)
by CSBA President Emma Turner

San Mateo Daily Journal: Divisions form on California charter school policy bills (4/24/19)

San Diego Union-Tribune: California charter schools should follow transparency laws, attorney general says (1/4/19)


EdSource:$13 billion state bond for school construction targeted for 2020 California ballot (6/20/19)


See also CSBA’s Full and Fair Funding Initiative

EdSource: School boards group committed to tax plan despite legislative setback (9/24/19)

Los Angeles Daily News, editorial: There could be dueling 2020 multi-billion dollar tax hikes on 2020 ballot (9/9/19)

Politico: California school leaders float $11B tax hike on companies, top earners (7/18/19)

EdSource: Gov. Newsom’s state budget resolves 3 California school boards’ lawsuits (7/9/19)

The Sacramento Bee: ‘Starvation diet’ for schools protested by California teachers, officials, students at Capitol (5/22/19)

Monterey Herald: Monterey Peninsula delegation heads to Sacramento for school funding (5/22/19)

Berkeleysider: Berkeley teachers to rally in Sacramento Wednesday; district says keep kids home (5/21/19)

Los Angeles Times: Commentary: Fighting for students, rallying for public schools (5/20/19)

EdSource: Majority of California voters favor tax increase on millionaires to fund schools, poll finds (5/20/19)

Santa Rosa Press-Democrat: County Superintendent Column: Our students deserve more (4/21/19)

Santa Clarita Valley Signal: Trending down, enrollment puts pinch on school budgets statewide (4/1/19)

EdSource: California’s K-12 enrollment drops again, charter schools see increase (3/28/19)

EdSource: Many California schools have police but no counselors, ACLU report finds (3/10/19)


Fox 40: Newsom signs bill banning school suspensions for 'willful defiance' (9/10/19)

CALmatters: Later school bells, alternative testing: California lawmakers try again on quashed K-12 bills (4/18/19)

Public News Service: Education groups call for oversight of California state tax credits (4/17/19)

The Sacramento Bee: Who are 2019’s California Influencers and what can you expect from them? (Includes: CSBA CEO & Executive Director Vernon M. Billy)

EdSource: Renewed push underway to expand California's ban on some suspensions (2/27/19)

CBS: Lawmakers again pushing for later school start time (2/18/19)

Palo Alto Online: Governor names Stanford professor as state education board president (2/12/19)

San Mateo Daily Journal: Legislators dig in on Gov. Newsom’s budget proposal (1/12/2019)

San Diego Union-Tribune: Local school board members to lead statewide association (1/10/2019)

Palo Alto Online: Governor names Stanford professor as state education board president (2/12/2019)

CBS Sacramento: Lawmakers again pushing for later school start time (2/18/2019)

EdSource: Renewed push underway to expand California's ban on some suspensions (2/27/2019)


The Sacramento Bee: What one thing could make college more affordable? It’s not just lowering tuition (6/30/19)


The Sacramento Bee: Gavin Newsom’s budget aims to spare California schools from some pension pain (6/12/2019)

K-12 Daily: Are pension costs creating a new school fiscal crisis? (5/1/2019)

EdSource: Gov. Newsom proposes to chip away at mountain of pension liability and ease school districts' burden (1/27/2019)

CALmatters: It didn’t fix the L.A. teacher strike, but Newsom’s pension idea would help schools, anyway (1/13/2019)


Education Week: National School Boards Association Pushes for Federal Special Education Law Overhaul (3/5/2019)

The Sacramento Bee: Special education enrollment in California is up. No one can say exactly why (1/21/2019)


The Sacramento Bee: ‘The root cause of teacher strikes is found not in Oakland or Los Angeles, but in Sacramento’ (6/3/2019)

The Sacramento Bee: Commentary: It’s not a surprise teachers are striking. It’s a surprise they didn’t happen sooner (5/26/2019)

LA School Report, commentary: California school board members to state lawmakers: Don’t make it harder to attract and recruit diverse, talented teachers (5/15/2019)

The Nation: The Oakland Teachers’ Strike Revealed California’s Education Crisis (3/18/2019)

CALmatters: ‘Lock the door and throw away the key’: As strike looms, LAUSD asks Newsom to intercede (1/11/2019)

California Healthline: Is striking for school nurses the way to go? (2/20/2019)

CNBC: California's housing affordability crisis looms over the state's problems with teachers (1/17/2019) 


Los Angeles Sentinel: Second Black and first Afro-Latino to lead CA Department of Education (12/18/2018)

San Mateo Daily Journal: Commentary, a commitment to equitable outcomes for all students (12/12/2018)

Daily Californian: Berkeley school district approves policy to expand access to free menstrual products (12/3/218)

Ed Source: New California coalition agrees on next steps to improve schools, student achievement (11/15/2018)

School Transportation News: California Association of School Transportation officials management forum (10/19/2018)

Education Dive: Pediatricians: Lenient California law regarding water testing endangers children (9/27/2018)

EdSource: Gaps in California law requiring schools to test for lead could leave children at risk (9/25/2018)

Cloverdale Reveille: Commentary, Navigating responsible drug regulation (9/24/2018)

Los Angeles Times: California Gov. Jerry Brown rejects bill to prohibit schools from starting before 8:30 a.m. (9/21/2018)

Pasadena Star News: Governor Brown signs area senator's suicide prevention legislation (9/13/2018)

San Francisco Chronicle: Should school start later? Sleepy kids, logistics at odds (9/12/2018)

EdSource: Both sides lobbying California governor on bill to delay school start time for teens (9/8/2018)

New York Times: California teenagers could sleep later under school start bill

Santa Clarita Valley Signal: Changes proposed

School Transportation News: Calif. state legislature passes bill to start school later

The Sacramento Bee: Schools would start later under bill sent to California governor

CALmatters: Last stop: On these 2018 California bills, it’s the governor’s call

The Fresno Bee: Clovis Unified is already buying guns. Here’s where the money comes from (8/29/2018)

Red Bluff Daily News: Commentary, Board calls on legislature to better fund schools (8/28/2018)

K-12 Daily: Brown’s signature may end for-profit charters in CA

California Newswire: Legislature approves McCarty measure to Ban for-profit charters (8/24/2018)

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Associated Press: California's school boards sue over education funding law (8/15/2018)

San Francisco Chronicle: As California schools wait for state bond money, districts fume at sluggish payouts (8/14/2018)

San Francisco Chronicle: Few California school districts have tested water for lead, even though it’s free

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