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Charter schools are an important and significant aspect of today’s education landscape. More than 1,200 charter schools serve over 540,000 students statewide — or approximately 9 percent of all K-12 students in California.

School districts and county offices of education are charged with providing a high-quality educational program that prepares all students for college and career success and one of their many responsibilities is to hold the system accountable. Thus, when students attend a public charter school that has a separate governance structure and is granted significant freedom from state laws, the school or county board maintains ultimate accountability to the community if it approved the charter. Boards must exercise due diligence in fulfilling their responsibilities with regard to charter schools, and must act in the best interests of all students. Since the passage of the Charter School Act in 1992, CSBA has endeavored to examine the governance issues raised by charter schools and to monitor studies on their effectiveness.

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