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AboutLeadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates

The CSBA Business Affiliates program provides a coordinated approach to forging special relationships between companies that provide products and services for local educational agencies, and our member districts and county offices of education. Business Affiliate program revenues are used by CSBA and the California School Boards Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity, to provide training opportunities and services for school governance leaders who work on behalf of California’s schoolchildren.

CSBA introduces its members directly to business affiliate companies, providing the unique opportunity for affiliates to shape current and potential customer attitudes toward products and services. Overarching benefits of becoming a Business Affiliate include:

  • Networking directly with school leaders across the state
  • Having access to a variety of discounts, special opportunities and services
  • Gaining insight into the latest developments in education
  • Demonstrating your support for public education

As an affiliate, you can meet your market: the more than 7,000 school board members, superintendents, executive assistants, facilities managers and business officials who spend more than $70 billion annually to equip and maintain thousands of school buildings and provide educational opportunities for more than six million public school students.

Several investment levels are available for Business Affiliates, providing a wide range of opportunities for your company to showcase its products and services: associate, professional, principal, premier, and industry leader. Click here to compare the affiliate levels.

For more information about the CSBA Business Affiliates program, contact Nicole Delos Reyes, Program Manager, Business Development.

Twenty percent (20%) of your Business Affiliate membership will automatically be donated to the California School Boards Foundation (CSBF) (Federal Tax ID: 94-1623582. Contributions or gifts to CSBF are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. However, they may be tax deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. You may choose to opt out of this voluntary contribution when you initiate participation in the program and your entire investment will be applied to association operations. Your investment level will not change.