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California School Boards Association Praises Gov. Newsom’s call to address school funding and his choice of Linda Darling-Hammond to lead the State Board of Education


SACRAMENTO, Calif., (Feb. 12, 2019) – “Schools have reason to be encouraged by Gov. Gavin Newsom’s State of the State speech, particularly his selection of Linda Darling-Hammond as President of the State Board of Education and his recognition that a conversation about increasing school funding is ‘long overdue.’ We agree with the Governor’s conclusion that a national rank of 41st in per-student funding is not good enough for California and that more resources are needed to accelerate academic achievement and provide the conditions needed to prepare all students for college, career and civic life. 

CSBA also appreciates Gov. Newsom’s call for ‘clear and achievable standards of transparency, more information sharing, and accountability for all public schools - traditional and charter,’ and welcomes the opportunity to partner around continuous improvement for California public schools.

We are further heartened by the Governor’s choice of Darling-Hammond as President of the State Board of Education. Darling-Hammond is a champion for equity and possesses deep knowledge of teaching and learning. CSBA has worked extensively with Darling-Hammond to address a number of pressing issues, such as the teacher shortage, and looks forward to her leadership in this new role."

Vernon M. Billy, CEO & Executive Director
California School Boards Association (CSBA)





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