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Governor’s Budget Provides Additional Money for Education But Far Less Than the “Full and Fair” Funding Needed for Public Schools

State completes investment in the Local Control Funding Formula ahead of schedule with a $3 billion allocation, yet California still ranks near the bottom nationally in per-pupil funding


SACRAMENTO, Calif., (Jan. 10, 2018) Gov. Jerry Brown introduced a state budget proposal today that meets his promised investment in the Local Control Funding Formula (LCCF) two years ahead of schedule. A $3.1 billion increase in the Proposition 98 guarantee completes LCFF implementation – originally slated for the 2020-21 fiscal year – earlier than anticipated. It also provides a sorely needed investment as California schools grapple with rising costs that are eroding the gains made under LCFF.

“The Governor’s decision to accelerate implementation of LCFF is a welcome development at a time when classrooms across the state are feeling the effects of rising transportation, utility, health care and benefits costs,” said CSBA President Mike Walsh. “The increase in the Proposition 98 guarantee is a small step toward the full and fair funding needed to provide all California students with a high-quality education.”

The Proposition 98 guarantee (which requires a minimum percentage of the state budget to be spent on K-14 education) of $78.3 billion is an increase of $3.1 billion from 2017-18, raising total per-pupil spending from Proposition 98 to $11,614, which is $465 more per student under Proposition 98 than last fiscal year.

“The increase to the Proposition 98 guarantee is encouraging, but it isn’t enough to lift us from the bottom of the national rankings measuring support for public schools,” Walsh said. “California’s current status as 41st in per-pupil funding and last or next-to-last in nearly every school staffing metric is unacceptable. We expect to work with this Governor and his successor, as well as the public and education stakeholders, to advance toward the full and fair funding needed to prepare all students for success in college, career and civic life."


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