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Gov. Gavin Newsom kicked off the 2022–23 budget season on Jan. 10 with the Governor’s Budget Proposal. By May 15, Gov. Newsom will release his May Budget Revision and negotiations between his administration and the Legislature will be ongoing until the June 15 deadline for the Legislature to pass the budget bill. The Governor will then have until July 1 to sign the bills. This page will be updated throughout the process.


January Budget Proposal

CSBA initial break down and analysis of January Budget Proposal

Department of Finance summary of January Budget Proposal

CSBA President Dr. Susan Heredia’s statement

CSBA Webinar: Governor’s Budget Break Down Video

CSBA Webinar: Governor’s Budget Break Down PowerPoint Presentation



Please see below for clips from completed interviews on the topic of the 2022 State Budget Proposal. 

January 18, 2022: KZST (Sonoma County)

January 14, 2022: KSWB-TV (San Diego #29)

January 13, 2022: KNTV (San Francisco #6)

January 13, 2022: KCBS-TV (Los Angeles #2)

January 12, 2022: KCRA-TV (Sacramento) 


January 11, 2022: CBS 8 (San Diego) 

January 11, 2022: KGO 810 (San Francisco) 

January 11, 2022: KGO TV (San Francisco #6)

January 11, 2022: KSMA-AM (Ventura - Santa Monica)