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Governance and Policy ResourcesResearch, guidance and services for effective school board governance

Policy Services

CSBA helps districts and county offices of education build a strong foundation through development and maintenance of effective policies and policy manuals. Whether you need a sample board policy, information and analysis on a key education issue, or help updating your policies, CSBA is here to help.

  • Gamut Online
    Gamut Online provides easy access to more than 650 sample policies, regulations and bylaws, pertinent laws and other resources.  It includes all of CSBA’s sample policies, the entire Education Code and Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, and other referenced state and federal code sections.  Sample policies and resources are searchable and easily printed or downloaded to word processing for customization.  Log in to Gamut Online.

  • Policy Audit Program
    With the passage of hundreds of new laws each year, district policies can quickly become outdated.  CSBA’s can help you make sure that your district’s policies accurately reflect current state and federal law through its Policy Audit Program.

  • Policy Development Workshops
    Let CSBA’s policy consultants assist your district or county office of education in developing a customized policy manual. This workshop series ensures focus and delivery of a manual that addresses key issues and complies with state and federal mandates.

  • Manual Maintenance
    Subscribe to Manual Maintenance for ongoing consulting services, word processing services, and policy updates to keep your policy manual up-to-date with a minimal investment of time and money.