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Click here to view the CSBA Climate Change Task Force Report

CSBA’s Climate Change Task Force, comprised of 14 school and county board trustees and two student representatives, was convened in 2020 to examine ways in which CSBA members can address climate change and its impacts on schools. As part of its work, the Task Force has curated the list of resources below.

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Take Action! Download CSBA sample resolution

Funding and Grant Opportunities


CSBA sample policies (Gamut subscribers)

CSBA Business Affiliates

Resources for local boards


Take Action! Download CSBA Sample Resolution

Designed by the Climate Change Task Force, this fully customizable sample resolution can serve as a guide for your local educational agency in pursuit of objectives related to climate change. It can be tailored to fit your LEA’s existing goals and initiatives on sustainable practices and to reflect the interests of your students and families in addressing climate change.

Download Climate Change Sample Resolution (PDF) (Word

Resolution tips from CSBA Climate Change Task Force 

Please send copies of adopted resolutions to


Funding and Grant Opportunities

The California Grants Portal offers a single website to find all state grant and loan opportunities offered on a first-come or competitive basis.

White House Toolkit: Federal Resources for Addressing School Infrastructure Needs

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Clearing House for Environmental Finance

California Climate Investments (Funding for Public Schools and School Districts) | Summary document

CalRecycle Food Waste Prevention and Rescue Grant Program

CalRecycle Reuse Grant Program

California Air Resources Board Funding for Clean School Buses (Subscribe to updates) | 2023 zero-emission school bus funding announcement

California Water Board Drinking Water for Schools Program | Financial Assistance Application Submittal Tool (FAAST)

California State Water Resources Control Board Grants and Loans

California Department of Education available funding




CSBA Annual Education Conference Workshop: ‘What California schools can do to address the climate crisis’ (Dec. 2020)

CSBA Webinar: ‘Addressing Environmental Literacy in the Age of NGSS (June 2020)’ | Webinar slides


CSBA Sample Policies and Regulations

Local educational agencies who subscribe to CSBA Gamut Policy or Gamut Policy Plus have access to the following CSBA sample policies and regulations related to local environmental issues:

3510, Green School Operations (Policy)

3511, Energy And Water Management (Policy)

3511.1, Integrated Waste Management (Policy)

3511.1-R(1), Integrated Waste Management (Regulation)

3514, Environmental Safety (Policy)

3514.1, Hazardous Substances (Policy)

3514.2-R(1), Integrated Pest Management (Regulation)

3514-R(1), Environmental Safety (Regulation)

6142.5, Environmental Education (Policy)

7111-R(1), Evaluating Existing Buildings (Regulation)


CSBA Business Affiliates

The CSBA Business Affiliates offer products and services which may be of assistance to boards of education in addressing local energy and environmental issues.

Click here to learn more about Energy and Utility Business Affiliates. 

View the full CSBA Business Directory. 


Resources for local boards

Climate Information and Advocacy

Climate Literacy/School Environments:

Building and Energy Efficiency:

Green Careers: