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Policy Development Workshop

Develop a robust and legally compliant policy manual through CSBA’s Policy Development Workshop. Let our policy consultants guide your district or county office of education through the process of developing a manual that addresses key issues and complies with state and federal mandates.

The program

Effective policies serve as the core of successful school governance by providing long-term direction and defining implementation processes.  This CSBA workshop aids in effective policy development by combining the expertise and experience of district or county office administrators and/or board members and CSBA consultants. The result is a unique policy manual that complies with state and federal law and meets the district’s local needs.  School districts and county offices of education of all sizes can benefit from a CSBA-led policy development workshop.

Key Benefits

  • Helps ensure compliance with state and federal mandates
  • Helps develop policies for dealing with key issues
  • Allows for incorporation of unique local perspective into the policy manual
  • Makes access to district policies and administrative regulations easy

How it works

  • District or county office of education staff and, if desired, board members, attend a two to three day workshop at a facility provided by the district. The days may be arranged consecutively or otherwise. 
  • The workshop is facilitated by a CSBA consultant who will answer process questions and address content information.
  • Participants are provided with copies of the CSBA Sample Policy Manual that includes a full complement of policies, regulations and bylaws.
  • The district or county office of education’s review team customizes the manual by modifying CSBA optional language to reflect district philosophy and practices. Viable district policies and/or regulations may be included. 
  • CSBA then processes the draft policy manual and ships it to the district for board review and adoption. 
  • After adoption and final production, CSBA provides paper and electronic copies of the new policy manual to the district.

Consortium Model

For small districts (ADA of 1,000 students or less), CSBA can bring together several districts to provide policy development in a group setting.  This “consortium” workshop follows the same basic format as the individual district policy development process described above, with each district’s review team tailoring a manual to fit the district’s local circumstances.

Cost: Based on ADA. Call CSBA Policy Services at 800.266.3382 for a fee schedule.