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products and servicesOfferings for governance teams, school districts and county offices of education

The GASB Alternative Measurement Method (AMM) program helps districts and county offices that offer non-pension retirement benefits to comply with Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statements No. 74 and No. 75 at a fraction of the cost of a full actuarial valuation. If your public agency has less than 100 “plan members,” it may be eligible.

The program

If your public agency has less than 100 “plan members,” you are eligible for an approved alternative measurement method to comply with GASB Statement No. 75. A “plan member” is defined as:

  1. An employee in active service, including employees who have already satisfied the age and/or service requirements to retire with employer-paid benefits, as well as those who have not yet done so, but will do so at some point in the future if their employment continues in its present status
  2. Terminated employees who have earned the right to future employer-paid benefits, but are not yet receiving them (rare)
  3. Retired employees and surviving spouses currently receiving benefits. (Covered dependents of living retirees do not count towards the 100 member threshold)

For public agencies that meet this criteria, we have designed a unique process that allows you to enter data online and receive a simplified actuarial valuation from Demsey, Filliger & Associates, LLC, one of our respected and qualified actuaries.

Demsey, Filliger & Associates, LLC is dedicated to providing designer actuarial and related services to a broad range of clients, with an emphasis on public sector retiree healthcare and pension valuations. They provide tailor-made actuarial services at a competitive price, backed by the experience, focus, and drive to solve the most complex benefits problems.

By teaming up with Demsey, Filliger & Associates, LLC, we are able to provide the full actuarial valuation for a flat fee of $2,500 and interim year reports for $1,500.

How it works
  • Accept Alternative Method fee
  • Enter general information
  • Enter monthly premiums and caps
  • Enter data on each individual plan member or email spreadsheet
  • Submit data

It’s that easy! Once your data has been submitted, it will be used as input to a proprietary software that automatically generates an actuarial valuation and report in compliance with GASB 74 & 75, reviewed by a CSBA staff member for completeness, and sent to Demsey Filliger & Associates, LLC for a final actuarial review. Once the data is approved by a qualified actuary, it will be calculated and  emailed to you within 8 weeks.