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Executive Search Service

CSBA, in partnership with McPherson & Jacobson, L.L.C., offers Executive Search Service to provide districts and county offices of education with a streamlined process to meet their executive hiring needs. From identifying possible candidates, to the selection of a qualified superintendent, Executive Search Services offers an extensive and comprehensive process that guides the board through this critical time with ease and professionalism.

The program

If you’re faced with a superintendent vacancy in your district, you’ll want to be certain you’re getting the best possible candidate. After all, high-quality education is dependent on high-quality leadership. Our California-based consultants are experienced in the state’s educational landscape and understand the needs of local districts. Our team of consultants, working in conjunction with the board and stakeholder groups the district identifies, will implement a systematic, comprehensive process culminating in the hiring of the most qualified candidate for your district.

Success is ensured through a five-phase, comprehensive process:

Phase I

  • Identify the desirable characteristics of the future superintendent
  • Establish appropriate timelines
  • Determine advertising venues

Phase II

  • Meet with designated stakeholder groups
  • Advertise the vacancy and develop promotional materials
  • Send out, receive, and catalog all application materials
  • Actively recruit applicants

Phase III

  • Read and evaluate all completed applicant files
  • Conduct complete reference checks
  • Assist the board members in selecting final candidates to be interviewed

Phase IV

  • Prepare the board for the interview process
  • Schedule and coordinate interviews
  • Keep all candidates informed of their status in the selection process

Phase V

  • Establish performance objectives for the superintendent
  • Provide a GUARANTEE

"We were really impressed with the interview process. This was my third time in my twenty years to select a superintendent and this was the best! We had an opportunity to meet informally and formally in a quiet setting and really get to know the candidates better." - Priscilla Cox, Board Member Elk Grove Unified School District

"It gave us peace of mind and made our work much easier. We would focus on our needs rather than getting bogged down and frustrated with the process." - Janet Alonso, Board Member/VP Winship-Robbins Elementary School District

California Consultants

Mrs. Janice Adams
Retired Superintendent
Benicia, California


Dr. Barry Kayrell
Retired Superintendent
Murrieta, California

Mr. Edward Agundez
Retired Superintendent
Nuevo, California


Dr. Steven Lowder
Retired Superintendent
Stockton, California

Ms. Aida Buelna
Retired Superintendent
Woodland, California


Dr. Michael McCoy

Muroc Joint USD, North Edwards
Bakersfield, California

Mr. Robert Challinor
Retired Superintendent
Victorville, California


Mr. Dennis Murray
Retired Superintendent
Murrieta, California

Mr. Julian Diaz
Retired Superintendent
Oroville, California


Mr. John Pruitt, Jr.
Former Board Member
Chino, California

Mr. Robert Ferguson
Retired Superintendent
Napa, California


Dr. John Sugiyama
Retired Superintendent
Indio, California

Mr. William Huyett
Retired Superintendent
Lodi, California


Mr. Edward Velasquez
Retired Superintendent
Chino, California

Mr. Benjamin Johnson, II
oard Member
Riverside, California


Ms. Teri Vigil
Board Member
Falls River Joint Unified School Dist.
McArthur, California


McPherson & Jacobson has been conducting national searches for boards of education since 1991, placing more than 700 superintendents and public officials in non-profit and public organizations nationwide. More than 80 percent of the superintendents hired by its clients are still in those positions, and 60 percent of the superintendents hired in the last 10 years are still in place.  Contact us to find out how we can help you pick the best candidate by matching the expectations of your district and community with those of a skilled leader. 

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