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AboutLeadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates

To be a CCSA member, you must 1) pay dues; 2) represent a California School Boards Association (CSBA) member or be an individual in a non-attorney position and hold an active license to practice law at any CSBA or CCLC member district; and 3) avoid representing a party whose interests are adverse to a California public school district. 

Some of the many ways that CCSA enhances the professional life of its members include:

  • Collegiality: CCSA promotes and fosters one of the most collegial bars in California. A member-run, non-profit organization, CCSA relies primarily on the expertise and good will of its members to function. CCSA operates on the premise that we are individually most successful when we all shine. CCSA members enjoy sharing their expertise and being affiliated with a bar that values integrity and collaboration.
  • Quality CLE-Approved Programs: CCSA programs ensure that participants receive information and materials that are current, designed for lawyers, and tailored to the practice of school law. Each of our workshops provides a combination of plenary sessions on matters of general interest to school attorneys, and break-out sessions that cover areas of specialized expertise such as special education, charter schools, facilities and labor relations. Participants are asked to submit evaluations and suggestions which are utilized in planning future conferences.
  • Easy and Economical MCLE Compliance: CCSA makes CLE/MCLE compliance easy and economical through programs that are also directly relevant to school law attorneys. Through four full-day workshops per year, that alternate between north and south, CCSA offers CLE hours you need with three of the workshops providing the required MCLE compliance—Ethics, Substance Abuse and Elimination of Bias in the legal profession. Our September and May workshops alternate between southern and northern California. We hold our annual two-day meeting each December, in conjunction with CSBA’s Annual Education Conference —which alternates between southern and northern California.
  • On-Demand MCLE: CCSA maintains a catalog of session recordings from past CCSA events such as the Spring, Fall, and Annual Workshops. Recordings are available for CCSA members to purchase at $30 per recording. The catalog will be updated regularly for CCSA members.
  • Listserv: CCSA is excited to be launching a new listserv (2021-2022) via the Google Groups platform. CCSA membership entitles you to access to a state-wide forum for consideration and discussion of the practical and professional issues faced by school law attorneys. CCSA members will be able to subscribe to California specific listserv groups for Labor and Employment, Charter Schools, COVID-19, Facilities/Business, Governance, Special Education, and Student Issues.
  • Networking: Attending CCSA workshops offers a great way to meet others in your fields of practice, or areas where you would like to develop. CCSA welcomes, and designs programs for, seasoned experts and those new to school law. It also offers a way to share your knowledge—both with your school law colleagues and your clients. CCSA sponsors a full day workshop each year at CSBA's Annual Education Preconference - Legal Symposium for Experienced Board Members. All active CCSA members are invited to submit proposals to present at the workshop.
  • Outreach to future school lawyers: We believe in promoting the value of education law as an important and growing practice area and the source of satisfying career options. Among other things, we typically hold at least one workshop each year at a university with a law school and encourage law students to attend.

Please note that our membership structure has changed for the 2021-2022 year as follows:

  • CCSA Regular Membership — $165
    • COSA Regular Membership (Optional add-on effective July 1, 2021) – $270
  • CCSA In-House Membership — $135
    • COSA In-House Membership (Optional add-on effective July 1, 2021) – $200

(CCSA and COSA In-House Memberships are only available to attorneys who are employees of a public school district or COE).

Commencing with our 2021-2022 membership cycle, firms and organizations will not be required to maintain a specific minimum number of COSA affiliated memberships as a condition of CCSA membership.

To join CCSA now, please download the Membership Form, fill it out completely and send it in. If paying by credit card, please do not email it. Either mail it in or fax it using our secure fax line (916) 669-3255.

CCSA Members Only

(CCSA members, you will need passwords to open the following documents. Please email Kyla Asbell for the password(s) of the document(s) you would like to access.)