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School Safety and Culture

Bullseye K9 Detection

Bullseye K9 Detection is founded by a devoted California law enforcement officer with 32 years experience. We pride ourselves of several years of our experience invested in working with firearms detection dogs in the community. That experience inspired the creation of Bullseye K9 Detection to combat the proliferation of guns in schools to ensure a safer academic environment for children. Bullseye K9 Detection offers a mobile and proactive solution for gun violence prevention in schools by utilizing highly skilled firearms detection dog teams. Our dogs are extremely social, child friendly, and can locate hidden firearms as well as provide a visual deterrent to those intent on bringing guns into schools or events. We become part of the fabric for the schools that we protect. By becoming part of the school community, Bullseye K9 Detection prevents any disruption to the normal academic environment.

Contact : Andre Lemay

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IDIS America

As the largest video surveillance manufacturer in South Korea, IDIS offers a range of cameras, recorders, deep-learning analytics, monitors, network accessories, and VMS choices to provide a genuine end-to-end solution. IDIS technology is flexible and scalable, able to meet the surveillance and intelligence requirements of businesses large and small — all with unrivaled performance, outstanding quality, and a low total cost of ownership.

Contact : Luis Monsante

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NGS is the largest dealer and installer of 3M™ solar and security films, Riot Glass® access denial products, and ballistic glazing security products in America. We complete over 10,000 installations annually and lead the industry in K-12 installations with hundreds of school districts served nationwide. We hold EDGAR-compliant contracts with CMAS, GSA, TIPS-USA, Purchase Cooperative of America, and more. Our building hardening and assessment program offers area reports based on the Federal Commission on School Safety's zoned approach which enables the owner to see scope and pricing by unit, building, zone, and area.

Contact : Jesse Chase

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Verkada is the leader in cloud-managed enterprise building security, enabling thousands of schools worldwide to protect their employees, students, and assets while prioritizing privacy. Designed with simplicity in mind, Verkada’s six product lines - video security cameras, door-based access control, environmental sensors, alarms, visitor management, and mailroom - provide unparalleled visibility through a single secure cloud-based software platform.

Contact : Danny Shulman

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Window Film Depot

Window Film Depot (WFD), America’s #1 Commercial Window Film & Graphics Installer provides Nationwide Window Film Services to Public Elementary, High School, Unified and Private School Districts, inclusive of Administration facilities. Solutions offered include Energy Efficiency, Anti-Graffiti, Safety/Security, Decorative, Custom Printed Films, Building Wraps, White Board, Fade Reduction, Day Lighting and all Vandalism/Ballistic films, Custom Graphics/Perforated Vinyl. BENEFITS: Reduced operating costs, energy efficiency, improved learning, and work environments. Window Film achieves reduced heating and air-conditioning bills, electric bills, and Capex Expenditures. Window Film Depot (WFD) offers fast, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Green House Gas emissions (GHG) reduction mandates apply to new construction and existing properties, inclusive of education facilities. GHG reduction goals can be achieved via the application of heat. control films, Low E insulating films, 3M Thinsulate Climate Control films, sun control and heat reduction films, security, and UV blocking films naming; but a few. SECURITY APPLICATIONS WFD patented and proprietary clear security films, DEFENSELITE and BULLETSHIELD available for “Keeping Out the Bad Guys” and “Body Armor for Windows”. These systems protect against Vandalism, Smash and Grab and Ballistic threats, Unwelcomed INTRUDERS, (Delayed/Blocked) at entry perimeter locations, adding time to emergency response actions!

Contact : Chuck Smith

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