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NewsroomThe latest CSBA news, blog posts, publications, research and resources for members and the news media


CSBA represents the policy interests of public education to local, state and national media, providing facts and data to promote public schools and local governance leaders.  We also endeavor to capacity build our members to be effective spokespersons and media advocates for public education. The CSBA Newsroom includes resources to help members implement and sustain an effective media advocacy program and launch Stand Up For Education.

Keeping abreast of educational trends and policy issues is one of the many challenges faced by local governance leaders. CSBA is committed to keeping you apprised of the latest news and information.  Through its suite of news publications and online resources, CSBA provides members with timely policy analysis, best practices, information and data to help them render effective local policy decisions for their schools and students.

Our publications are offered to members at no additional cost. It's part of your CSBA membership! If you're not a CSBA member and would like to subscribe to our publications, please visit our bookstore for details.

Media representatives

If you are a member of the media and need assistance in pursuing a K-12 policy-related story, please contact us at