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    Students with Disabilities

    CSBA's latest brief, Students with Disabilities: Their Education and the Law, provides an overview of the history and requirements of special education to help guide governance decisions related to special education. Read it now.

    Legislative Action Day: Tuesday, March 13

    Meet with legislators in Sacramento and advocate on behalf of your students. CSBA schedules the meetings, and provides briefing sessions and talking points. Sign up now!

    Impact of pension costs
    CSBA's new report, The Impact of Pension Cost Increases on California’s Schools, documents the effects of the pension crisis across the state.
    CSBA Calls on Legislature to Fund Public Schools at the Average of the Top 10 States
    California districts to adopt CSBA resolution to fund public schools at national average by 2020 and average of top 10 states by 2025


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    Charter Schools: A Guide for Governance Teams 

    This updated guide helps governance teams negotiate the charter petition process and provides information on oversight.

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