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Governance and Policy ResourcesResearch, guidance and services for effective school board governance

California K-12 schools are public institutions that belong to the communities they serve. Responsibility for their fiscal health and effectiveness is granted to locally elected boards. To fulfill these responsibilities, boards must have maximum autonomy and flexibility. CSBA is unswerving in its commitment to ensuring that ultimate authority and accountability for K-12 education always remain with the locally elected governing board.

Look to CSBA for the professional guidance, training and resources you need to become an effective governance team member and to build a strong governance team. Below are resources you can use to jump-start your learning as a new board member, or to navigate the intricacies of governance as an experience board member.

Common Core Math - Integrated Pathway

Defining Governance

The Defining Governance series provides a synthesis of school governance research and literature and proposes an updated framework for K-12 school governance.

Governing to the Core

Governing to the Core is a publication series that guides local boards on implementation of California’s Common Core State Standards

Governance team resources

Governance data

DATA F1RST: Research demonstrates that effective school boards use data. The California, Illinois and Michigan School Boards Associations were invited to work with the National School Board Association’s Center for Public Education to develop DATA F1RST, a program to train board members in the use of data for governance. This site provides comprehensive data about the health and well being of children for every city, county, and school district in the state, making it easy to monitor trends and pinpoint disparities.