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CSBA has partnered with R-Zero, a pioneering biosafety company dedicated to reducing the spread of infectious disease, to help create the safest, most hygienic spaces possible for students and staff as they return to in-person instruction. R-Zero’s hospital-grade UV-C disinfection system, Arc, is proven (via independent third-party lab testing) to destroy 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens — including coronavirus, seasonal flu, staph and norovirus — in the average classroom in less than 7 minutes. A sustainable and eco-friendly disinfection solution, UV-C reduces chemical consumption and exposure. Arc is eligible for CARES Act, ESSER I and II funds and is currently enabling safety and restoring trust across more than 50 schools in California.

The program

As school districts across California return to in-person instruction, R-Zero is proud to be helping school leaders raise the level of health and safety in their schools and build trust among their communities.

R-Zero’s touchless UV-C disinfection device, Arc, delivers hospital-grade efficacy at a fraction of the cost of anything equivalent. Arc destroys over 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens - including coronavirus, seasonal flu, and norovirus - in a 1000 sq. ft. classroom in less than 7 minutes, without chemicals or added labor. The device runs autonomously and delivers the same UV-C light in every cycle, eliminating the human error associated with other disinfection methods. With built-in LTE connectivity, Arc also generates real-time usage data to ensure compliance, or share externally with teachers, parents and the community to build trust.

Over 50 schools across California have incorporated Arc as part of their daily disinfection protocols.


Sustainably reduce risk with intelligent, hospital-grade UV-C disinfection

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“Our partnership with R-Zero and the return on our investment is immeasurable. This simple and highly effective machine helped solve one of the most complex problems we have ever faced in public education, and will continue to benefit our entire school system even after the immediate threat of the pandemic is over.” Gary Tipsord, Superintendent, Leroy CUSD #2

“Incorporating Arc has allowed us to add a critical layer of protection and accountability across our district facilities. Implementation of R-Zero’s UV-C technology has been "hassle-free" for our custodial teams, and the short cycle times reduce labor costs associated with increased disinfection protocols.” Rick Diaz, Director of Facilities, North Monterey County USD



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