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The California School Boards Association has partnered with Bridg-it to bring members Bridg-it School, the first turnkey end-to-end safety solution that addresses the lifecycle of an incident from detection to resolution. Bridg-it School provides schools with a private digital platform to report and manage behavioral incidents and promote positive behavior and communication.


The Program

Bridg-it School is a multilingual, data-driven risk management solution that provides schools with a private digital platform to report and manage behavioral incidents and promote positive behavior and communication. The platform is web-based and a native application and reaches the whole school community.

Students, teachers, and parents use Bridg-it School to safely communicate and report at-risk behaviors, safety concerns, or social and emotional problems. School administrators immediately receive and respond to reports using Bridg-it’s incident management tools and curated restorative resources and activities.

Bridg-it School innovatively gathers usage data that maps the behavioral landscape of each school. The platform identifies behavioral trends and outliers - constant victims, constant aggressors, and disconnected students - and measures the efficacy of the applied restorative solutions. Bridg-it School empowers administrators to use these analytics in a predictive way to intervene early, reinforce positive behavior, and reduce and mitigate risk.

Additionally, a great deal of research is pointing to the effectiveness of PBIS programs that preemptively mitigate risk. Bridg-it School supports districts and schools with those efforts by universally implementing and managing a culture of positivity.

Key Features

Incident Reporting:
Bridg-it’s icon-driven, incident reporting feature creates a safe communication channel for students, parents and teachers to report safety concerns including bullying/cyberbullying, fighting, violence, and at-risk behaviors. Bridg-it is a confidential reporting system where only the moderators see who created the report. This protects the person reporting the incident and also creates accountability for both the person reporting the incident and person receiving/responding to the incident. The Bridg-it platform creates an automatic, detailed timeline of steps taken to resolve the issue.


Resource Center:
The Bridg-it School Resource Center is a digital library of over 3,000 curated resources including restorative activities, national and local helplines, books, music, definition sheets, videos with discussion questions, and lesson plans that are easily accessible and filterable. The digital resources provide schools an opportunity to create teachable moments with the most prevalent social and emotional learning topics. All of the Bridg-it School resources are accessible in Spanish with additional languages coming in the fall of 2018 including Chinese, French, Russian, Japanese, Haitian Creole, and Korean.


Bridg-it created Pulse to engage students in positive digital communication among school community members. Students use Pulse to send Shout Outs — words of encouragement and kindness — to their fellow classmates, peers, teachers, etc. Teachers can recognize students for A+ effort on an assignment, students can congratulate each other on an athletic, academic or extracurricular accomplishment, parents can wish their child a happy birthday, and it’s all communicated and recorded on Bridg-it’s safe social platform. Bridg-it also created Wins so that users can privately record their own accomplishments. Pulse teaches and promotes healthy communication and relationships and helps schools create a supportive, safe climate.


My School News Feed and Push Technology:
My School News Feed is a private, secure school news feed where the whole school community including students, teachers, parents and school administrators can contribute positive, creative content. Using Bridg-it’s push technology, schools are able to push out information such as school policies and procedures, school documents, updates and event reminders to the whole school community. Students, parents and teachers have the ability to create and add messages to the School News Feed with the school moderators’ approval.

Bridg-it’s Analytics feature uses revolutionary data science capabilities. With Bridg-it School, schools have access to real-time behavioral analytics that provide insight into a school’s climate of safety. Bridg-it provides schools with the data to track and identify positive and negative behavioral trends and minimize the impact of threatening situations before they become widespread. This allows schools to take a proactive approach focused on early identification and early prevention. Additionally, the data gives administrators the ability to measure the impact of their anti-bullying and safety initiatives. Bridg-it is committed to ensuring the safety and privacy of our participants on the Bridg-it platform and complies with federal and international law including, FERPA, COPPA, SOPIPA, and GDPR.


Case Studies

Bridg-it in the news

Student Suicide Prevention Success Story
One Saturday, a sixth-grade student used the Bridg-it app to report a friend who was threatening to commit suicide. The school leadership team received the Bridg-it report and immediately executed a coordinated response, contacting the parents who confirmed the student was in immediate danger, and intervening to prevent what could have been a tragic result. The student received the professional help needed to support them through this tough time. Bridg-it provided a confidential, safe, documented channel of communication to the upstander friend and was able to help save a life.

Webinar: Technology to Enhance School-Based Safety and Youth Development | Recorded: May 27, 2019 |

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