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AboutLeadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates

All school districts and county offices of education have needs for products and services that keep them running. From facilities design to supplies, legal services, furnishings, student services and more, districts and COEs have their work cut out for them in finding and securing the services of great businesses.  This year the California K-12 market is responsible for more than $80 billion in spending.

In an effort to help streamline this process and provide options for every type of need, CSBA develops and maintains relationships with companies that provide these vital products and services. Its main avenues for this engagement is Business Partnerships, and the Business Affiliates program.

Business partners undergo a thorough vetting process that allows CSBA to put forward only those companies whose services are determined to be capable of meeting members’ high expectations for quality and service. The Business Affiliates program allows CSBA to form relationships with companies that provide needed services and are committed to supporting public education.

Prospective affiliates are invited to explore promotional opportunities that put companies, products, and services directly in front of key education decision makers:

CSBA members are encouraged to visit the Business Directory to find companies that meet your purchasing needs and that are committed to supporting public education.

For more information about the CSBA Business Partners and Affiliates programs, contact James Collins, Senior Director Business Development.