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Business Directory

This directory contains contact information for CSBA's Business Affiliates who provide services and products to school districts and county offices of education. Select a category below to see a listing of affiliates that provide the service or product you're interested in, or simply scroll through the page to see all affiliates.

Computer Equipment (Hardware and Software)

Escape Technology

Escape Technology powers school business through our fully integrated payroll and financial management system. Escape Online is the most powerful, comprehensive, integrated and scalable business system available to school districts, County Offices of Education, community colleges and charter schools. Our system includes Finance, HR, Payroll, Position Control, Budgeting, Retirement and Credentialing functionality. Established in 1985, based in Roseville, CA, we serve 520+ organizations, and are the most highly regarded school business software company with a Net Promoter Score of 85.

Contact : Lisa Sierra

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Three Hill Path Inc.

Three Hill Path Incorporated is the software designer that has created IPM Codex. IPM Codex is the first of the Codex Tools products designed and implemented by the Three Hill Path team to help school districts manage their complicated and demanding maintenance requirements. By assisting with maintaining the Integrated Pest Management plan and compliance with the California Healthy Schools Act, IPM Codex significantly reduces the workload required for compliance with the law, and for effective record keeping of pesticide usage. IPM Codex aids school districts in establishing and fulfilling an effective pest management plan, and helps school districts keep students and parents safe and informed about pesticide usage. Through IPM Codex, school districts can establish and prove a history of good IPM practices, and provide accurate and complete reporting to county and state agencies.

Contact : Bryan Walker

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