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CSBA has been pursuing the development of a multi-year campaign to increase California’s investment in K-12 public schools. Toward that end, CSBA has joined with several partners to gather school funding data and share accurate information about the state’s investment in our schools..

In October of 2005, CSBA, in partnership with the League of Women Voters California Education Fund, California State PTA and Children Now was successful in securing a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to advance the dialogue around funding needs for California’s schools. .

The resulting report, School Finance Exploration Project Interim Findings, was followed by the Getting Down to Facts studies identifying considerations for the resources needed to operate effective schools. To continue the momentum of these research efforts, CSBA and its partners continue to work with key constituency groups and policy makers to develop and further refine a balanced set of policy proposals, conduct additional outreach, and develop additional tools and resources to educate and help mobilize local leaders in the fight for fair funding.

In 2012, the governor’s budget unsuccessfully proposed migrating the existing complex funding school funding formula to a weighted student formula approach (WSF). In 2013 the proposal to simplify and standardize per pupil allocations has become the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), retaining many of the WSF concepts.  

Categorical funding has, for the most part, ended for state programs. Issues around remaining specialized programs such as Adult Education, ROC/P and Special Education remain matters of discussion. CSBA continues to offer materials for members to educate their communities about the evolution of education finance. CSBA notes that flexibility is not adequacy and continues to advocate for adequate funding for education.

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