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Pursuant to Standing Rule 222, C (11), the Candidate Review Committee interview the first round candidates on August 27, via Zoom meeting platform. Candidates interviewed were Albert Gonzalez, Santa Clara USD, for the office of President-elect, and Bettye Lusk, Monterey Peninsula USD, for the Office of Vice President. The Candidate Review Committee recommends Bettye Lusk for the Office of Vice President.

Second round nominations closed on October 20, there were no new candidates nominated for either office.




Albert Gonzalez, Santa Clara USD

For President-Elect


Albert Gonzalez is a product of California's public schools and feels a commitment to serve and give back so that all students in California s public schools can achieve their full potential. This requires that we better resource school board members, both with the training they need to become better governance team members, but also by advocating for Full and Fair Funding. He believes that he can help by utilizing the skills that he has to collaborate and really listen to the school board members throughout the state. This includes finding ways to better engage Delegate Assembly members so that we can utilize the vast skills they bring to CSBA. A more engaged membership will be more inspired and motivated to help advocate to find solutions to the challenges that school board members face in trying to provide the best educational outcomes for the students in their district.

The work that school board members accomplish for the students in their districts is vital not only for each and every individual student, but for the communities where they live and for California as a whole. We need to work to eliminate the opportunity gaps that exist, which will help to eliminate the achievement gap that we have had for far too long in California.

Like most people, he would like to help make our world a better place and being able to serve as CSBA Vice President will help him be a better advocate for the students in California.


Bettye Lusk, Monterey Peninsula USD

For Vice President


What could be more lasting than investing in our finest treasures - our children? I have served as your Director-At-Large African American from 2013-present. Along with my fellow DAL colleagues. I have passionately served trustees in their respective districts and supported the identification of resources, model programs and funding to close the achievement gap of our low-performing student ethnic groups.                                                                                                                                

I believe service is about what we can do for others, and my goal as your Vice President will be to offer myself for the betterment of this organization, and for the nearly 1,000 member Boards statewide. I believe that through our unified voices and collaborative efforts, CSBA and our partners will make a significant impact in the decisions and legislation that affect the educational outcome for every student in this state. When elected, I will represent YOU. I will seek your viewpoint and will listen with respect. I will work to achieve CSBA's goals and to represent our Vision and Mission. We are strongest when we speak with one voice to our Statewide leaders. The children of our State and Country need us to stand up for them, and I am here to do just that. I would be honored to have your vote.

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