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Solar Schools

In partnership with CSBA, SunPower manufactures, delivers and installs the world’s most efficient solar solutions for California’s school districts and COEs.

The program

SunPower has combined the most experienced team of solar installation experts with record-breaking solar panel technology. The result? Turnkey solar solutions for school districts and COEs, which are designed with one goal in mind: to deliver the most solar energy possible.

Solar will help your district/COE reduce energy costs and demonstrate environmental leadership. SunPower is helping schools just like yours save money on energy, hedge against rising utility rates, and take control of their energy future. And thanks to federal and state incentives, the return on a SunPower solar project has never been greater.

Immediate savings without capital outlay

Solar power is not only a proven, virtually maintenance-free technology, but through new financing and government programs, solar PV can drive immediate and significant savings to your general operating fund.

San Ramon Valley USD installs 10,000 photovoltaic solar panels

Why SunPower?
SunPower offers districts/COEs the following unique benefits:
  • Financing programs that can allow your district/COEs to save on energy costs from day one
  • Highest-efficiency solar modules that produce the most energy per square foot
  • Unsurpassed experience working with the Division of the State of Architect and the strongest performance guarantees in the industry
  • Summer solar academy and solar teacher training
  • Long-term solar system maintenance and monitoring
  • Renewable energy curriculum program

A partnership that is built to last

A solar installation will be with your district/COE for decades. It is critical that you can say the same about the team behind the installation. Product warranties and performance guarantees are only as strong as the company who backs them. For more than 30 years, SunPower has delivered the most efficient and reliable solar products available. SunPower understands that when their systems deliver the most energy, their customers realize the greatest savings. Take control of your energy future today and begin working with SunPower.

Start saving today

School districts/COEs across the U.S. are struggling with budget cuts, rising energy costs and pressure to reduce their carbon footprints. However, solar is a viable solution that will allow you to meet these efficiency goals while also freeing up vital operating capital.

Now it’s your turn. Your turn to cut energy costs, lock-in energy rates and seize energy independence with a SunPower solar solution.


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Renee Solari
Program Manager Educational Services
SunPower Corporation, North America Commercial
Direct: 510.260.8344