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We've developed an easy-to-use General Education software that reduces the number of Special Education referrals by delivering immediate support to teachers in the General Education classroom.

Mission Statement

Over the years, the number of Special Education referrals have spiked – we’re over identifying mild to moderate students for Special Education services while seeing a drop in their academic performance and graduation rates.

The purpose of this program is to address the root cause; reducing the referrals to Special Education by managing effective interventions well before a formal evaluation takes place. Partnering4StudentSuccess® (P4SS) delivers immediate support in the General Ed classroom with easy to use software, guiding teachers and Pre-Referral teams through research-based intervention strategies.

After preparing more than 100 Special Education Opportunity Reports, we found a major recurring theme was inconsistent or ineffective procedures for developing interventions prior to an evaluation for Special Education eligibility. Nearly every district shared the need to reduce the number of referrals.

This led our team to develop Partnering4StudentSuccess® – not simply a forms management system – but a comprehensive intervention tool to track and manage student performance in real-time.

P4SS provides support before a Special Education referral to systematize Pre-Referral teams, to refocus district efforts on targeted interventions for any student in need of assistance, and to increase communication with parents throughout the entire process.

In one comprehensive and accessible program, our software provides guidelines for a sustainable and self-reinforcing process. Workflow-driven screens and an easy-to-read dashboard provide complete oversight of the Pre-Referral process.

We have mapped out steps, in a consistent and efficient framework, for districtwide referral standards and consistent approaches to student assistance and remediation. With this systematic approach, your district will reduce referrals, prevent unnecessary entry into Special Education and ensure that your district is serving more students through General Education.

Webinar: Recorded Nov. 10, 2016 | Fulfilling the Promise of Special Education


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