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Mandate Prep and Site Serv

SI&A, the state’s leading mandate preparer, offers the flexibility to choose their easy to use web-based application, ez-Mandate, to file paper claims or their optional Site Service Plan (SiteServ). Expect excellent customer service and a knowledgeable, service-oriented team when you work with SI&A.

The program

Rely on SI&A, the experts in state mandate compliance, for thorough, accurate mandate preparation.  We provide unparalleled, custom-tailored services to ensure compliance with state requirements. We’ll help you save time and resources—resulting in increased revenue, decreased costs and effective programs.  Our mandated cost claim training and preparation programs provide a comprehensive and personalized service model to ensure that claims are fully compliant and filed on time.

Mandate Prep®
Service shouldn’t stop after the contract is signed.
At SI&A, customer service is the reason we are the number one mandate preparer in the state.  You can be assured that your staff will be supported by the most knowledgeable, service-oriented team in California. Only SI&A can offer:

  • Custom-Tailored Client Service: Your claims are supported by a team of mandate cost consultants, territory coordinators, data analysts, training and technical staff, and compliance and advocacy experts.
  • Planning, Training and Follow-up: We also work with you to create a Client Service Plan that determines your service milestones for the year – without limitations or extra charges for visits.
  • Claim Tracking Options: Don’t be forced into a single claiming methodology – we offer ezMandate℠ web-based tracking or traditional paper-log methods so you can choose the methodology that works best for you.
  • Thorough Analysis and Reporting: We present a complete analysis of your district data and performance with real-time feedback and a year-end report to identify performance, with recommendations for revenue enhancement opportunities.
  • Quality Assurance: Our capable team verifies your claims against compliance standards to ensure accuracy.  We know the State’s Parameters and Guidelines as well as the State’s prescribed Claiming Instructions and train our staff on standards that must be met in order to process your documentation. 
  • Audit Support: Our clients have exclusive access to information. Our in-house compliance experts maintain key relationships with state agencies, update you on Commission of State Mandate (COSM) hearings, review claims for compliance, support you in the event of an audit and take newfound facts from audits to update the way future data is collected.
  • Live Help Desk: Customers can call our Live Help Desk at 1.877.954.HELP (4357) or email us for real-time answers, worksheet dissemination and deadline updates. Available 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. PST, Monday-Friday.

You can feel confident that your claims will be completely compliant and audit-proof.  We are the only provider who will stand with you in an audit!

Nearly 50 percent of mandated cost reimbursements are earned at the site level. In many districts, this potential revenue goes missing. Don’t lose your chance to recover the entirety of your reimbursement.

Let SI&A help you complete your site-level claims with Site Service Plan. To save you time and money, our consultants can spend as little as one hour at each site just twice a year to efficiently gather the required data. Your principals and site administrative staff will appreciate our efficiency and professionalism.

With SI&A’s Site Service Plan, you can have confidence that all of your mandate claims will be complete and compliant. Your principals will never have to worry about mandates again.


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