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Legislation & Legal

(City), CA - The (district/county) board of education is working with (district/county office) staff to gather information on the fiscal impact of the governor’s budget proposal released on January 10. The proposal calls for unprecedented cuts to K-12 students and schools by reducing Proposition 98 funding by $400 million in the current school year and suspending Proposition 98 funding for 2008-09.

“Without a doubt, our students will be negatively impacted by the governor’s budget proposal because it cuts funding for daily services and programs in our schools,” said (name and title). “The (district/county) board of education will strongly and repeatedly urge our state legislators and the governor to represent our students by ensuring education dollars stay in the classroom.”

District staff will issue a report on the fiscal impact of the governor’s proposed budget at the (date) board of education meeting at (location).

“Our students did not cause this budget crisis and our board will do everything it can to stave off these massive budget cuts so we can continue providing the highest quality education possible,” said (name).

For more information about the governor’s proposed budget cuts, visit (enter district/county office Web site) or contact (name and phone number).