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About Leadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates

The Delegate Assembly elects Directors to serve a two-year term beginning immediately upon the close of the Annual Education Conference and Trade Show in December.

  • In even-numbered years, Regional Directors from even number regions as well as the Directors-at-Large Asian Pacific Islander and Hispanic are elected.
  • In odd numbered years, Regional Directors from odd numbered regions as well as the Directors-at-Large, American Indian, African American and County are elected.

Regional Directors

Call for Nominations, Regional Directors from Even Number Regions

Nominations for CSBA Directors from even-numbered CSBA regions are currently closed.


Call for Nominations, Director-at-Large Asian/Pacific Islander and Hispanic

Nominations for CSBA Director-at-Large, Asian/Pacific Islander and Hispanic are currently closed.

Required Meeting Dates

Directors attend various training and meeting events throughout the state and at various times.  Attendance and participation at these events provides Directors with opportunities to meet and interact with Delegates, board members, administrators and superintendents from districts and county offices of education.  Below are required meeting dates:

All Board meetings (approximately five are held per year) – January (Friday and Saturday), March (Saturday and Sunday), May (Friday), and September (Saturday and Sunday). In late November/early December the Board meeting is held in the city that is host to the CSBA Annual Education Conference and Trade Show immediately preceding the Delegate Assembly meeting.

Delegate Assembly meetings (two per year in conjunction with the May and November/December Board meetings).

CSBA Annual Education Conference and Trade Show (in conjunction with the November/December Delegate Assembly meeting).

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