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CCSA Professional Development and CLE/MCLE Opportunities for School Lawyers

CCSA provides great CLE accredited opportunities to attend and/or share your knowledge and expertise with your colleagues at four workshops a year with three of those being MCLE accredited providing Ethics, Substance Abuse, and Elimination of Bias in the legal profession. The presentations and materials benefit the entire school law bar. Each year, we solicit active member presenters for both CCSA workshops and CSBA's Annual Education Preconference - Legal Symposium for Experienced Board Members.

Workshop topics may be suggested by the Board, taking into consideration workshop evaluation feedback, members’ suggestions and current events. However, the Board invites all interested members to submit their topics of expertise and presentation proposals, including the required MCLE: Ethics, Substance Abuse, and Elimination of Bias in the legal profession. The Board then selects presenters based on a variety of factors and attempts to distribute presentation opportunities equitably among our active membership. All active members (i.e., those who have attended at least one CCSA workshop in the last two years) are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to share with their peers.

Upcoming CCSA Events
  • CCSA Spring Workshop Information coming soon. Check back in 2018!

COSA Professional Development and CLE Opportunities for School Lawyers

Our school law seminars and webinars offer invaluable professional development opportunities and CLE credit for school lawyers. These programs are presented by school law practitioners for school law practitioners and target your professional needs.

COSA School Law Seminars are held twice a year in the spring and fall. The spring School Law Seminar is held in conjunction with NSBA’s Annual Conference and draws hundreds of school attorneys from across North America. In the fall, the School Law Practice Seminar dives deep into complex, practice-related issues. In addition, participants can earn 11-plus hours of CLE credit at each seminar. Filing CLE credit and assuring approval in your state is an integral part of our seminar program. 

Upcoming COSA School Law Seminars

Upcoming COSA Webinars