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Are you especially versed in a specific aspect of school law? Would you like to earn extra MCLE credits (4 times credit for the time you are presenting)? Share your knowledge with your colleagues at one of CCSA's workshops this year!

The California Council of School Attorneys is seeking proposals for the following events:

  • Spring Workshop: Friday, May 5, at the University of San Diego, San Diego
    Proposal Deadline: Wednesday, February 22, Materials due: Monday, April 17
  • Fall Workshop: Friday, September 15 Northern CA (location TBD)
    Proposal Deadline: Friday, May 26, Materials due: Wednesday, August 23
  • Legal Symposium for Experienced Board Members (CSBA AEC pre-conference): Wednesday, November 29 at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego
    Proposal Deadline: Friday, April 7, Materials due: Wednesday, October 25
  • Annual Workshop: Thursday, November 30 at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina, San Diego
    Proposal Deadline: Monday, July 31, Materials due: Wednesday, October 25
  • Annual Workshop: Friday, December 1 at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina, San Diego
    Proposal Deadline: Monday, July 31, Materials due: Wednesday, October 25
The call for proposals is a continuous process and we will keep a bank of proposals, so if you don’t make one deadline, you have the opportunity to submit for another upcoming workshop.

Material due dates have been included so you are aware of the deadlines that presenters will be expected to meet. It is extremely important that you are able to submit your materials on or before their due dates for the production of the workbooks.

Workshop presentations may be 1 - 1 ½ hours long. Workshops will include breakout sessions for school attorneys on specialized topics such as special education and community college issues.

Selection Criteria

The CCSA Board of Directors will use the following criteria in selecting presentations:

  • Member preference - selection preference will be provided to current CCSA members.
  • Prior workshop attendance - presenters must have attended at least one CCSA workshop within the last two years.
  • Workshop evaluations - selection of former presenters will also be based on previous CCSA workshop evaluations and recommendations.
  • Topic relevancy - topics will be selected based on relevancy of content. Some of the topics suggested by members and attendees are: Conflict of Interest, PRA Requests, Legislative Updates, and Hot Topics. The Spring, Fall, and last day of the Annual Workshops have required MCLE presentations: Elimination of Bias, Ethics, and Substance Abuse. If your expertise is in one of these subjects, please submit a proposal.
* Please note that the board may request that presenters revise or combine presentations and that every attempt will be made to ensure that presentation opportunities are shared among active CCSA member firms/attorneys.

Submit your Proposal

Proposals must be submitted as an email (please no attachments) to Mary Biehl and include the following:

  • Preferred workshop dates (you can submit a proposal for any or all workshops)
  • Presenter name(s)
  • Presenter firm
  • Presentation length
  • Presentation title and brief description

For more information, please contact Mary Biehl at (916) 669-3268. Thank you for your submissions.

Well-known national speaker and COSA board member Jim Walsh offers invaluable tips on presenting to educators and attorneys in this recording of his "So They Asked You to Do a Presentation..." webinar from July 29, 2015. This recording is a must for any school attorney! COSA members may log in and view the presentation at:

NOTE: All presenters must be practicing California School Attorneys and preferably members of CCSA, meeting selection criteria.

No proposals from vendors shall be considered.